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Radical Honesty Advanced Retreat workshop in Zandvoort with Tuulia Syvänen & Pete Jordan
DO 21 februari | 17.00-17.00 uur | Zandvoort

21 februari 2019 t/m 24 februari 2019 | To register or to receive more information, please write to info@honestyeurope.com.
590,00 | early bird price €550 until 31 December

Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth!

This retreat is intended for participants who have already previously attendedleast one other RH workshop. The intention is that, with everyone present already familiar with the practices, process and language of RH, we can dive even deeper with our work.

The workshop will include lectures, directed conversations, paired exercises, small group exercises, hot seat work and meditation to help you learn how to relax into intimacy based on being open and honest. All this is geared toward having you learn and practice the distinction between thinking and noticing; the difference between interpreting reality and actually noticing it through direct experience. Then you learn to share what we notice about the reality of your own experience with others, and have it be the basis for true intimacy—learning to love being and love other beings. In this workshop, you can express yourself by laughing, shouting, crying, smiling, sharing and by asking for what you want.

This workshop is for you if you

 * want to experience more freedom in your life

 * want to let go of shame, fear and attachment to approval

 * are looking for using conflict creatively and want to go beyond blame 

 * desire to learn the art of asking for what you want

 * want to heal your relationships and find forgiveness

 * yearn deeper love, connection & intimacy


For more information, please write to info[at]honestyeurope[dot]com.

Note: Participation inleast one previous Radical Honesty workshop is required.

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Tuulia Syvänen & Pete Jordan
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