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Living Room Conversations
WO 24 april | 19.30-21.30 uur | Amsterdam

5,00 | Cover costs of snacks and drinks

small2BIG TALK we are always looking for new interesting ways to bring people together and experience enhanced quality of communication through conversation.This month we are trying another social experiment Living Room Conversations. Experience a friendly comfortable environment and share your ideas with a receptive and interested group of conversationalists. This months topic will be: United or Divided
Political and philosophical differences are normal in a healthy and free society. No citizen should be expected to violate his own conscience or compromise sacred principles. But the common values ​​we share, and our shared desire to solve common problems, should also enable us to make reasonable and principled compromises for our mutual well-being. In some instances, the left wing or right wing ideologies fundamentally agree, yet current systems somehow keeps us from working together. Come and share in some non-ordinary conversation on life's more important issues. Light snacks and hot or cold soft drinks provided.

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Exact address provided on registration via meetup site 24 hours before meeting


Dave Pendle
davependle AT small2bigtalk DOT org