Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy | IJburg, Amsterdam

Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy can assist with complaints related to chronic pains, stress, burn-out, anxiety, hypersensitivity, post traumatic stress disorders.

Also helpful with release old trauma from birth, injury, accident, abuse etc

It is also hugely beneficial as complementary support for life transition (bereavement, loss, grief, divorce, relocation, pregnancy) recovery form accident or surgery.

Finally it can also be used as a well-being session, to enter deep state of relaxation & access 'no mind' state or to develop consciousness & explore spiritual purpose.

My practice is the Naar Zee Studio on IJburg. Be welcome.

Over Karine Mouflin | IJburg, Amsterdam

When I was 10, I asked my mother if I could join her on a workshop she attended in transcendental meditation. This was my first initiation on the meditative path. As I grew up, my academic studies led me to embark on a corporate career in IT, first in IBM Scotland and later in project management working for Cisco Amsterdam.

On my personal time, my soul kept calling me back to various forms of meditative practices, free-diving, yoga and spirituality. I have been teaching Kundalini yoga since 2009. In 2011, I experienced a severe burn-out and I had been suffering regular chronic neck pain and tension headache for many years. After having tried several healing modalities, I came across biodynamic craniosacral therapy. The sessions clarified the origin of the symptoms, linked to my birth which had been difficult and with use of a suction pump. The sessions helped me heal my physical complaints as well as rebirth myself onto a new path & life direction.

This motivated me to enrol in the professional training with the Karuna Institute led by Franklyn Sills, pioneer therapist in the field of craniosacral biodynamics, as well as participating in diverse healing modalities & spiritual practices such as Vipassana meditation, continuum movement, core awareness workshop, somatic meditation, shamanic teachings & sweat lodges, gong bath etc…

Womb of Spirit
Karine Mouflin

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