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From effort to Ease
ZA 19 september | 13.00-20.30 uur | Amsterdam

19 september 2020 t/m 19 december 2020 | 19-9 / 24-10 / 21-11/ 19-12
350,00 | 4 dagen

 FROM EFFORT TO EASE is a journey of self-discovery designed to:

- Help you find  comfort and ease in your body.

- Learn to perceive your body, your posture, alignment, freedom of movement and breath in order to  reduces stress and tension and to increase energy, vitality, health and fulfillment.

- Explore your inner resources, through playful and nourishing movements, and perceptual   explorations.

- Support you find your way back home into your body and discover in it a powerful ally in your daily life challenges.

The journey will be divided into 4 afternoons (once a month), each focusing on one of the elements and corresponding archetypes, symbolizing our strengths and powers.

19- 9-2020 – Down to Earth: How to receive the support of the ground, in order to feel more aligned, centered and empowered, and reduce tension and stress.

The Healer Archetype: pay attention to what has heart and meaning. Inner resources:  Self-love and Compassion


24-10-2020 – Into the Water: an enquiry into our fluidic nature, to improve health, flexibility, vitality, receptivity and resilience.

The Teacher  Archetype: be open and not attached to outcomes; Inner resources: Wisdom and Trust.


21-11-2020- Out in the Air: an exploration on our relation to inner and outer space.

The Warrior Archetype: show up and be present. Inner resources: Authority and Leadership.


19-12-2020: The Fire Within: access your source of energy and power within.

The Visionary Archetype: tell the truth without blame or judgment. Inner resources: Clear and Authentic communication.


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