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Yin Yang Yoga
VR 18 september | 08.00-09.15 uur | Amsterdam

15,00 | www.mirrorcentre.nl/agenda

Life is all about balance, A Yin Yang yoga class offers you the movement and the stillness required to feel both energised and rested. The yin and yang styles we offer encourage you to get to know your body a bit better and practice in a way that is right for you!

Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga that targets joints, ligaments and fascia tissues. Yin combines basic meridian theory with Hatha yoga principles to provide a healing practice that gently stretches, compresses and energises target areas within the body.

A Yang practice offers a flowing and mindful asana sequence to generate heat in the body by rhythmic and repetitive movements. A dynamic yang flow will increase both strength and flexibility in the muscles.

Each class will vary depending on the time of day, the weather and the mood of the Universe. Sometimes we will slow it down and spend more time on the floor in yin asanas and other times up on our feet in a flow.

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