A Midsummernight's Party ​
VR 23 juni | 20.00-1.00 uur | Amsterdam


20.00 u Opening with theatrical acts, market
21.00 u Concert & CD release Annabel & band
22.00 u Tribal dance Concert Huilende Wolven with guest musicians
23.30 u Tribal Danceparty with DJ

Dresscode: fairy, shamanic, pagan​


The evening starts with Annabel. She’s a storyteller who sings about rebirth, from the dark to the light, stories to empower women, her love for nature and whispers the stories that lay in our shadows. As she sings, she flies high as a bird and falls down deep into the underworld. Most of the musicians on the new CD play with her on this evening. Violin, guitar, accordion, percussion, harp, all kind of flutes and more. We start nice and gently on this musical journey.​


Later this evening the band: de Huilende Wolven (dutch for Howling Wolves)  will take you through a world journey through worldmusic, traditionals, folk, mantra’s, shamanic trance and more. Music for dancing; music to play on and sing along; music to connect with everyone. Limitless compositions with tight arrangements in recognizable styles with passionate choruses and verses in all rhythms. Like the real wolves, they remain exclusive but clearly present.​


The evening ends with a outraging Tribal Danceparty Let the spirits dance with us!

Meer Informatie + Aanmelden

info AT clublite DOT nl

Club Lite, Jan van Galenstraat 24, Amsterdam

Meer agenda van Club Lite

juni 2017

VR 23 junDans & Bewegingevenement
Iradium, dansen op blote voeten en diepe bassen, hemelse melodieën

Heerlijk dansfeestje op blote voeten voor diegene die houden van diepe bassen en hypnotiserende melodielijnen.
Club LiteAmsterdam

juli 2017

ZA 01 julSjamanismeevenement
Pangaja, dansfeest met cacao-ceremonie

A barefoot clubparty with cacaoceremony, live percussion, dj Martyn Zij and other live music. Your naked feet stamping the beat, with feathers in your hair and scents from exotic realms, brings you back to the connection with you and your tribe.
Club LiteAmsterdam

ZA 08 julAcupunctuurcursus
Nataraj & Belly Dance Fusion

Nataraj is al jarenlang het feest voor oude en nieuwe hippies, gipsy's en avonturiers van alle leeftijden. Met dit keer een Belly dance workshop, gegeven door Imaya Sabine, voor vrouwen én mannen.
Club LiteAmsterdam

VR 21 julMuziek, Klank en Stemexpressieconcert
Tina Malia in Concert

The amazing Tina Malia is back in Amsterdam as part of her 2017 World Tour. Her magical voice and radiant presence will connect you with the sublime beauty of your heart and enliven your spirit! She will be accomponied by Gonzalo Paniaqua on Kora. 
Club LiteAmsterdam

DI 25 julDans & Bewegingworkshop
Ecstatic Dance, elke dinsdagavond en zondagochtend

Dancing with dj, without talking, without shoes, without alcohol/drugs. A freeform conscious dance wheremovement expands, spirit activates, boundaries melt, boredom ceases, creativity breaks out and the beat deepens
Club LiteAmsterdam

september 2017

WO 13 sepDans & Bewegingworkshop
Wake op your body, 5-ritmes-dans, elke woensdag- en vrijdagochtend

Je dag dansend beginnen om lekker wakker te worden in je lijf. Deze lessen zijn voor iedereen die wil bewegen of nieuwsgierig is naar de dans. Elke woensdag- en vrijdagochtend in Club Lite.
Club LiteAmsterdam