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Ecstatic Dance met DJ Isis
DI 02 oktober | 19.30-22.00 uur | Amsterdam

15 | including vitalized/purified water & yogi tea

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The Ecstatic Dance is a unique dancing experience. Together we create a connected atmosphere where everybody feels safe and free to dance, have fun, explore, be vulnerable, discover and expand your borders.

7.00 pm Doors are open, be welcome
7.30 pm Opening ceremony with Caroline S'Jegers
8.00/15 pm Ecstatic Dance with Dj Isis
10.00pm Closing ceremony

This means dancing on bare feet,
no talking, but meeting in the dance
Yogi tea and vitalized/purified water as much as you like
You are welcome to join!

Dancing with 200 people, with dj, without talking, without shoes, without alcohol/drugs.

A freeform conscious dance where

movement expands ★ spirit activates

boundaries melt ★ boredom ceases

creativity breaks out ★ hope happens

beauty flows ★ communities collaborate

ritual is reinvented ★ harmony resonates

The beat deepens  as an electronic tapestry of world rhythms

weave us together as individuals within a greater family.
Dance as a manifestation of the LIGHT!

Dancing with dj, without talking, without shoes, without alcohol/drugs. A freeform conscious dance wheremovement expands, spirit activates, boundaries melt, boredom ceases, creativity breaks out and the beat deepens

▬▬▬▬▬ ★ Guidelines ★ ▬▬▬▬▬

1. No talking

2. Dance however you wish

3. Respect yourself and one another

A safe and sacred space for movement

A source of progressive dance music for your transformation

Please no shoes or chit-chat on the dance floor

Please also refrain from street shoes, photos, video and scents. If you'd rather not dance with someone, or are ending a dance with someone, thank them by placing your hands in prayeryour heart. Namaste...''My Spirit acknowledges Yours''. To engage in a dance with someone, use sensitivity: Are they open for dancing with me?

Inspired by and with kind permission of Ecstatic Dance San Francisco.



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