Textures of Feminine door Jenna Ward
ZA 28 juli | 09.00-16.00 uur | Amsterdam

28 juli 2018 t/m 29 juli 2018
0,00 | https://jennaward.safechkout.net/ttf-amsterdam

What’s required to truly embody the feminine? 
How can we know all her facets? Many of us know the theory of what’s required. We can “understand” concepts like open-ness, sensitivity, depth, a willingness to feel it all, pleasure, erotic aliveness.But living them is another experience.
As women we can easily feel:

  • Clueless about what we deeply truly want
  • Unsure if we’ve got what it takes to make it
  • Overly sensitive to the criticism & judgment of others
  • Resigned to putting others needs before our own
  • Inadequate in our experience of pleasure

We are complicit in our own smallness, because we can’t find the feminine fuel to make lasting change. In this live one day immersion you'll joian Jenna & a delicious group of women to explore what it means to truly embody the feminine. You’ll FEEL her move in you.

You’ll EXPAND your capacity to ride her intensity.
You’ll TRUST her wisdom.
And SENSE her power reverberate through your being.In this practice-based experience, we’ll be moving our bodies and exploring all the delicate textures & sacred sensations of this feminine body. Developing a capacity & stamina to embody deep aliveness, radiance & power.

During the workshop we’ll be using embodied movement practices include Primal Feminine Flow as well as powerful partnership exercises to expand our edges.

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