Ajeet Kaur Live in Amsterdam | Workshop en Sacred Chant Concert
VR 29 maart | 20.00-22.00 uur | Amsterdam

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We feel grateful to welcome back in Amsterdam the amazing sacred chant artist Ajeet Kaur for the workshop Rhythm of the Ancients and a magical Sacred Chant Concert. Joined by Raffa Martinez on Percussion and Ezra Landis on guitar. After last years sold out concert and workshop we moved to a bigger venue De Duif. A beautiful church in the center of Amsterdam!Join Ajeet and her band as they weave together ancient rhythms and melodies, deep meditative spaces and heart-opening songs to bring you on a journey through music. Let your voice join with many in a call for healing, a return to the ancient ritual of prayer through song.Workshop Rhythm of the AncientsIn Ajeet’s Rhythm of The Ancients workshop you will connect with your voice in connection to the sounds and healing methods of our ancestors! Since ancient times people have used music, movement and the human voice as instruments for healing. In this workshop Ajeet will share ancient practices, yoga, meditation and music to experience the stillness, peace and freedom that is our most natural state.These ancient practices have an incredible capacity to open us in profound ways, to peel away the layers of fear and hesitation, opening us to an experience of deep connection. Part of dwelling in that essence is finding our own unique ways of living in service, of carrying the healing we receive from our practice out into the world.TIckets in all beautiful and flowering combinations: heartfire

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De Duif
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Daniëlle Doeve
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