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The sound of the chakra’s
ZO 10 maart | 15.00-17.00 uur | Amsterdam

20,00 | Buy your ticket via https://naturalhigh.avayo.nl

The sound of the Chakra’s: a guided meditation with Cristina Guerra & Frank KlankThis chakra meditation, in combination with the sounds of the singing bowls, connects you with a deeper and more heart-centered world through
the power of vibration.
Experience the soothing sounds of the singing bowls and a meditative journey to restore your l balance.

Chakra meditation by Cristina Guerra
In this guided meditation, we are striving for an inner-Chakra discovery to bring them all to the correct vibration. The chakras are the junction points of energy distributed along our spine. If they are balanced, the physical, emotional and spiritual connections related to each one of them are in harmony. The chakras are influenced by each other. We can’t simply work them individually because they are all connected.                                         

Singing Bowls played by Frank Klank
Singing bowls can restore vibratory frequencies of the body, mind, and soul that are out-of-harmony and diseased. The sounds they emit work as a type of energy medicine that has been known to heal pain, depression, and stress disorders.
The unique tones of the bowls will prepare you for deep meditation, intuitive messages, as well as creative thinking.
One of the benefits of Tibetan Bowls sound: it balance the chakra’s.

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