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Laboratorium Piesni in Concert: A'dam Premiere New Album Rasti
ZA 31 augustus | 20.00-22.00 uur | Amsterdam

35,00 | Deur prijs 40,00

Femininity is a song, polyphonic, from the inside of the earth, from the beginning of the world. As ancient as stones, as ancient as the primeval forest, as ancient as the first sound, the first vibration. Femininity is freedom. Femininity is the voice of nature, uncontrollable wildness and gentlenessthe same time. Femininity is a beating source. Femininity is a pure celebration of life.

Join us in Amsterdam and celebrate with us the birth of their new album: "Rasti".Voices in Amsterdam: Alina Jurczyszyn, Kamila Bigus, Lila Schally-Kacprzak, Magda Jurczyszyn, Alina Klebba, Karolina Stawiszyńska

Date: 31 August 2019
Venue: De Duif, Prinsengracht 756
Time: 20:00 - 22:00 (doors open 19:15)Tickets:
Presale: 35 euro
Door: 40 euroTickets: heartfire

Grow, grow, my green, pine forest,

So I can climb your trees.
There, among your grasses and mosses
I will see my beloved one, sleeping peacefully –
On a soft green pillow.RASTI, that is: "grow". Grow, thrive, rise and become a high pine, liven up, spread your wings, trust yourself and your powers, see who you are and discover how beautiful you are. Dance your life, breathe and enjoy yourself. And most of all – create sounds, sing your own songs coming from your essence, emerging from your soul.

Come and experience this spiritual travel in beautiful De Duif.

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De Duif, Amsterdam
Prinsengracht 756
1017 LD Amsterdam

Daniëlle Doeve
danielle AT heartfire DOT nl

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